Top Benefits of Asphalt Shingle Roofing for Your Palmetto, FL Home

Explore the various colors of asphalt shingle roofing in Palmetto, FL and discover the top benefits.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the state and country for many reasons. We’ll share 5 main benefits they bring to homeowners. But remember that none of those apply to damaged roofs. Regardless of the material, a roof must be in almost perfect condition to serve its purpose. Yet again, shingles stand out in that aspect as well.

Shingles Don’t Degranulate Overnight

Asphalt shingles need more maintenance than metal or tile roofs, but they are still affordable. Quality shingle roofs could last 30 years in some areas.

Sadly, Palmetto, or Florida in general, isn’t among those areas. However, show your roof some care, and it will keep you safe (and dry) for 10-20 years (depending on the type of shingles).

Let pros inspect your roof at least once a year, add coating every 3-5 years, don’t neglect tiny problems, and your roof will serve you well.

Shingles Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Summer

Some homeowners literally see leaks in their nightmares. That’s how stressful the rain season can get for those who know their roofs are rappelling with the last bits of power.

But if you’re sure your roof is in perfect condition (no missing, bent, or cracked shingles, damaged flashings, gutters, etc.), you don’t have to stress every time a drop falls from the sky.

As you know, all roofs in Florida must have algae-resistant shingles (which is logical looking at our weather). But you still have a choice to make – 3-tab or architectural shingles.

Both types serve their purpose, but architectural shingles are less likely to be damaged by wind. And when the wind blows off your shingles, your underlayment is at the mercy of harsh Florida weather.

So we’re coming back to the same conclusion – shingles roofs are great value for money, but only if they’re well-maintained.

Shingles Help to Pay Your Bills

Everybody knows that dark colors absorb more wavelengths of light and convert them into heat. That’s why everybody wears bright colors during summer. It’s the oldest heat-repelling trick in the book.

So it’s not surprising that the whole roofing industry exploits that law of physics. Putting the black shingles on your roof may seem aesthetically pleasing. Yet we always tell people to consider the energy consumption, not just how it looks.

Light colors repeal more light, so they don’t heat up as much. And yes, differences are noticeable. That means the roof doesn’t get too hot, so your attic doesn’t become a box of boiling air. Add a decent roof vent in the combination, and keeping your home comfortable won’t be as pricey.

You Can Do Minor Roof Repairs On Your Own

You don’t have to call your contractor if you notice one or two missing shingles. Many homeowners do minor fixes on their shingle roofs on their own. We encourage that. There’s no need to call someone to put 2 shingles on your roof.

Depending on your skills, you may even deal with damaged flashings. But we don’t recommend that unless you are 100% confident. Flashings are where most leaks start, so sometimes it’s better to use the 5th benefit of asphalt shingles in Palmetto, FL.

There’s A Trusted Roofing Contractor in Palmetto

So you know that shingles are affordable, durable, energy-efficient, and sometimes easy to repair. But what when you can’t deal with the damage alone?

You call roofing Palmetto crew to make your roof perfect again.