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All roofs are vulnerable to problems that can lead to leaks. Extreme weather such as tornadoes, hail, snow, seasonal freezes and downed trees can damage your roof. By the time you start noticing ceiling stains and water damage inside of your property, the damage will have already occurred. Water leakage compromises the structure of buildings, and it can even destroy equipment within your home. This is why you need professionals to repair your roof the right way.


When it comes to roof repair, there are some signs that are difficult to spot without a trained eye. Helping you find those hidden problems is exactly why we offer free roof inspections. However, some signs are relatively easy to spot, even if you aren’t a professional roofer. Here are some of the most common ones.

Cracked, curled, cupped, or missing shingles

One of the signs that your roof is in need of repair is shingle damage. Whether entire sections of shingles are missing or damaged, or you’re starting to see cupping (shingles lifting up in the middle) or curling (shingles lifting in the corners), water damage isn’t far off.

Leaks in your attic

If you look up through your attic and you can see light shining through your roof, you can bet that water can get through as well. Seek roof replacement right away.

Granules from asphalt shingles in the gutter

When asphalt shingles start to wear out, granules fall off and often collect in your gutters. If you notice this, it may be time to get a roof inspection and a professional opinion.

Higher energy bills

This one is a little more difficult to detect since there are so many factors (usage, company raising rates, etc.). But if you’re starting to see an increase in your electricity bill, poor ventilation could be the cause.

At Chappelle Roofing:

safety is our priority. All of our crews are trained in proper safety techniques, whether they’re climbing a ladder, repairing a leak or design flaw, or installing shingles on your roof. Our roofers work hard in the Florida heat, and we do everything we can to ensure their safety. We install various types of roofs, each of which has distinct advantages in Florida’s hot climate:

  • Shingle
  • Clay tile
  • Concrete tile
  • Metal tile
  • Metal

Does your Roof Leak?

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