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Best Roof Repair Contractors in Florida

Why Roof Repairs Are Crucial

There’s nothing more important in life than having a roof over your head. And means to cover life expenses. Such expenses call for repairing your assets. Roof repairs, for example.
If you own a house, you most certainly will have to prepare yourself for finding a competent roofing company you can rely on in case of harsh weather conditions.
No roof is immune to problems that come with wear and tear.
Speaking of wear and tear, we’ve seen numerous times how angry and disappointed people get when they realize the insurance company won’t cover their roofing expenses. Almost every insurance policy says that it doesn’t cover wear and tear! That’s why you have to pay extra attention to your roof’s quality.
But sometimes things are beyond your control. Like the weather in Florida.
Extreme weather such as tornadoes, hail, snow, seasonal freezes, and downed trees can cause substantial damage to your roof.

A house in Sarasota FL with a ladder for roof replacement.

Chapelle Roofing Company Ensures the Safety of Its Roofers

All of our roof contractors are trained in proper safety techniques.
Be it climbing a ladder, repairing a leak or design flaw, installing shingles, or installing metal roofing, our trained staff carry out their task with complete safety.

Our roofers work hard in the Florida heat, and we do everything we can to be by their side, preventing them from sustaining injuries while performing roof repairs.
Preventions such as always making sure that there are enough ladders and scaffolding for the roof job and that they’re all safe to use.

We install various types of roofs, each of which has distinct advantages in Florida’s hot climate:

Shingle Roofs
Clay Tile Roofs
Concrete Tile Roofs
Metal Roofing
Whatever the cause may be remember it is only a temporary solution. You will eventually need to get a roofing contractor to do the permanent repairs.

When to Contact a Roofing Company Without Delay

Here are the signs that point to the necessity of hiring an experienced roofer:

They can compromise the structure of the building and threaten to destroy the equipment inside your house (including water leaks in your attic). A temporary solution that many homeowners opt for is installing a roof tarp.

Whether entire sections of shingles are missing or damaged, or you’re starting to see cupping (shingles lifting up in the middle) or curling (shingles lifting in the corners), water damage isn’t far off. You’ll definitely need a roofing contractor to perform a detailed roof inspection.

When asphalt shingles start to wear out, granules fall off and often collect in your gutters. With time, the gradual loss of granules will affect the roof’s lifespan. If you notice this, it may be time to get a roof inspection and probably a roof replacement.

Damaged flashing is practically a leaking problem waiting to happen. Flashing is one of the most vulnerable parts of your roof. It is made of metal strips linked to all roof seams and edges. If your flashing is bent or cracked, it creates leaks and allows moisture to travel inside the roof seams. The moisture can affect areas on the roof far from the entry point, making the process of identifying the leaks complicated.

Gutters and downspouts are essential to a roof’s rain drainage system. That’s why checking them is also part of the roof inspection before buying a new house. If you notice that they are damaged or clogged, you must deal with them immediately. Gutters must be clear and without any sign of wear so they can adequately do their function and protect your home from leakage and moisture issues.

This one is a little more difficult to detect since there are so many factors (usage, company raising rates, etc.). But if you’re starting to see an increase in your electricity bill, poor ventilation could be the cause.

These are all serious signs towards making the necessary move – contacting a roofing company that will know how to solve your headache and make any new roofing services redundant thanks to their thorough servicing ability.

A shingled roof in need of repair.

#1 Locally Licensed Roof Repair Company

As your #1 local roofing company, Chappelle Roofing has the experience and expertise to service clients throughout the Gulf Coast of Florida with a variety of roofing services.
Let us be your licensed, certified, and insured roofing contractor. You can count on our first-rate roofing services, set apart by our unparalleled quality of workmanship.
With years of expertise in the field, we consider ourselves to be the most dependable company taking care of all sorts of roof repairs and roof replacements across the Gulf Coast.

Simply hiring us to do your yearly roof inspection will give you insight into how thoroughly we do our work.
We also have a growing list of satisfied customers for both residential and commercial roofing repairs.

If you are looking for a reputable company to assist with your residential or commercial roofs and provide unmatched roof repair services for your home or business, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. You can also email us or fill out our online contact form before becoming one of our satisfied clients.

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