4 Undeniable Reasons Why Proper Roof and Attic Ventilation Are Vital for Your Home

A damaged shingle on a home roof.

Foundations and roofs are crucial parts of every house. Yes, walls are great, but if you need something to build on. More importantly, you need something to protect you from climate conditions. Yes, walls are great for that too.

But without a proper roof, a house can’t be home. And without ventilation and insulation, you can’t say you have a good roof. Why? There are 4 huge reasons.

Without a Proper Roof and Attic Vent, You’re a Slave in Your Home

We don’t have to mention the importance of insulation and ventilation. They (should) keep the hot air out of your house. The whole roof does that, but the vent is the vital aspect. Without proper roof ventilation, your attic would turn into an oven. Of course, the temperature wouldn’t be that high, but the effect would be the same.

Hot air would pile up on top of your living space and slowly raise the temperature in your home. That means AC will need to work harder. Or in other words, it means you’ll have to work harder to pay the bills.

If you add a damaged or old roof on top of that, energy loss grows as well. Or in other words, you’d need to pay even higher bills. So even though some see roofing projects as massive investments (if insurance doesn’t cover it), they pay off, especially in Florida.

Your Home Should Be The Place Where You Feel Comfortable

To connect this to the previous problem. After a hard day at work, you don’t want to come home and feel like you’re in a sauna. You want to feel comfortable. You want to feel at home.

And if your roof vent can’t regulate the temperature of your attic, it won’t matter how good your AC is. So if you feel like it’s much hotter than usual in your house, maybe it’s not (only) global warming… You might have a faulty roof vent, or your shingles have lost all their heat repelling properties. Or both. If it’s both and your roof is visibly damaged, it’s time for a roof replacement.

Most Homeowners Don’t Like Mold

If your roof is in bad condition and your vent doesn’t work, you can expect more damage than raised energy bills. The temperature difference between the roof, attic, and the rest of your home makes the attic moist. That alone can grow into a big problem even if mold doesn’t catch you.

The worst thing, people forget to check their vents and roofs before summer. Every issue is simpler to solve while it’s small. So those who skip a couple of roof inspections shouldn’t be surprised when they realize mold has been living with them rent-free.

Wanna Hear Something Scary? LEAKS!

Summers in Florida… Many people dream about experiencing them. But your roof isn’t a big fan of high temperatures, humidity, and rains, especially during summer. Sun is constantly eroding your roof. If some shingles bend, crack, or fall out, an underlayment will get exposed.

Even though the underlayment is there to give roof water resistance, it’s not magical. On the other hand, water sometimes seems magical. The tiniest crack is enough for it to get deep into your roof. Over time it weakens that part of the roof and creates more space for water.

You already know what happens next. You start noticing stains on your ceiling and walls. Roughly at the same time, you can expect the paint peeling too. Those are signs of leaks. Address them immediately.

Once you see water dripping inside your house, the leak has grown and takes longer to repair. Sometimes the damage is so severe that replacing the roof makes more sense.

We hope that you won’t have a leaking roof ever in your life. But remember that prevention is the best cure, so calling roofing company St. Petersburg FL to do a free inspection once a year is recommended.