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While clay and concrete tiles are the most popular, there are a variety of options to choose from when looking for the right tiles for your home. Whatever your choice, know that Chappelle Roofing LLC has your back in any decision you make. As experts in the field and with over 200+ years of combined experience behind us, our team’s ready to take on any roofing challenge you throw at us.

Metal Tiles

The materials used in most metal tiles are copper, zinc, aluminum, and steel. Because of their light weight and flexibility, they can be used to imitate other popular roof patterns, such as barrel tiles and regular shingles. Metal roof tiles are a reliable choice for commercial properties, as they’re quite durable and don’t require as much maintenance as other materials.

Clay Tiles

There’s a reason clay tiles are a timeless choice for many owners. Elegant and beautiful, they come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and glazes, and are extremely UV– and fire-resistant. The clay used in the production of these tiles comes naturally from the Earth’s soil, making it the perfect chemical-free roofing material for the environmentally-conscious.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are the heavyweight champions of the roofing world, and require expert precision to install them. Not just any home can have these tiles placed on its roof; you will need a reinforced roof structure that’s able to withstand its weight. With that said, however, concrete tiles are the least expensive of their counterparts, and are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. They’re also highly resistant to cracking or chipping, and can last up to 50+ years.


Roof tiles can come in either flat or curved styles. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages, although most of it is also dependent on the material used. For instance, flat wood tiles tend to twist and warp over time due to rain and snow, but flat concrete tiles are highly weather-resistant and don’t have the same drawback. Curved tiles (also known as Spanish barrel tiles or mission roof tiles) are usually made with clay, and are a boon in draining water away from the top of your roof during the rainy season. They may be more difficult and expensive to maintain than traditional flat tiles, however, as contractors can’t walk as easily on them as on an even surface.

Chappelle Roofing LLC Offers Tile Roof Repairs

Whether clay, concrete, or metal, tiles add a stylish element to your roof’s design. Made up of durable components, they can protect your home from Florida’s harsh weather. They can cause real problems when damaged, however, as over time, storms and other natural elements can strain your roof tiles enough to crack. Cracked tiles are dangerous, and shouldn’t be ignored!

Damaged and loose tiles can be repaired with RT-600 tile paste, which is a high-quality adhesive used for the repair or installation of tiles on existing roofs.

Such a complicated task should ideally be performed by professional companies such as Chappelle Roofing LLC.

A worker is installing a tile roof on a house.

Let’s Talk About the Roof Tiles That Are Perfect for You

If you’d like to find out more about the various styles and designs that roof tiles come in, contact Chappelle Roofing LLC at (941) 567-6039 today, or send us an email via office@chappelleroofing.com. We’re available for all your questions and residential and commercial roofing needs Mon–Fri, 7am–5pm.

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