What Is the Number One Cause of Roof Damage in Palmetto, FL?

Roof Asphalt Shingle with damage

Your Palmetto, FL, roof is like a shield — exposed to everything unpredictable Florida throws at it, it’s in charge of keeping you, your family, and your property safe. Like all shields, it’s bound to take a beating once in a while.

Addressing any signs of roof damage ensures that your roof continues to serve you well. What should Palmetto homeowners look out for as they wonder whether they should call a roofing contractor for roof repair? This guide walks you through the most common causes of damage and shows you what to watch out for.

1. Weather-Related Roof Damage

Palmetto’s turbulent weather exposes your roof to strong winds, heavy rain, hailstorms, and occasional hurricanes. Storm roof damage is the number one problem homeowners need to look out for, but all types of extreme weather can cause the need for roof repairs.

Look out for cracked, missing, warped, or dislodged shingles — and call a reputable roof repair company as soon as you notice any damage.

2. UV Radiation

Your Palmetto roof is exposed to the intense Florida sun year-round, and all those UV rays can speed up the rate at which your shingles degrade. It’s not unusual for homeowners to face warped, cracked, and weakened asphalt shingles. Some types of roofs, like metal roofing, clay tiles, and slate, are more resistant to this threat, but UV coatings can also be installed over existing roofs for added protection.

3. Improper Roof Installation

Even with top-quality roofing materials, your roof will only ever be as good as the roofers who installed it. A roof built by amateurs or inexperienced roofing contractors is vulnerable to unnecessary damage, highlighting the importance of getting it right the first time by hiring a reputable Palmetto roofing company with extensive experience.

4. Roof Maintenance Failures

Not every homeowner knows that annual roof inspections and routine maintenance are key aspects of caring for a property, especially in Florida. Even minor issues can escalate over time, as a damaged roof is a weakened roof. Handling roof repair needs as soon as they arise is the easiest way to prolong your roof’s functional lifespan.

5. Tree Damage

Falling tree branches and flying debris are some of the leading causes of storm roof damage in Palmetto, FL. Besides handling roof repair jobs quickly, it’s also essential to hire a tree service to assess trees close to your property and have them trimmed annually. Tree-related debris can puncture shingles or cause them to come loose, while overhanging branches can rub against the roof’s surface, leading to wear and tear over time.

Reliable Emergency Roof Repair in Palmetto, FL

Have you noticed signs of roof damage? Don’t wait — take action now.

Chappelle Roofing is a seasoned roof repair company in Palmetto, FL, with a 24-hour emergency response team. We’ll roll out and protect your roof from further damage with emergency roof tarping while we prepare to make the permanent roof repairs that will secure your roof for the future.

Our experienced roofers will work quickly to make sure minor roof damage doesn’t turn into a major headache. Call today!