Jewels of the Sun Coast: Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg, FL

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Saint Petersburg, known as the “Sunshine City” due, to its abundance of days has more to offer beyond that. This lively city on the Gulf Coast is rich in culture, history and natural beauty. If you’re looking to explore let our guide take you through the attractions in St. Petersburg, FL.


The Dali Museum; An Immersive Surreal Experience

Located in a cutting edge building The Dali Museum houses a collection of Salvador Dalis artwork—the outside of Europe. Immerse yourself in the world of melting clocks and peculiar landscapes as you navigate through the captivating gardens.

Local Tip; Be sure to wear shoes! With over 2,000 works to admire you’ll find yourself wandering for quite some time.


Fort De Soto Park; Sun soaked Beaches and Tranquility

This park offers more than a beach—it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Spanning across five islands Fort De Soto Park provides opportunities for fishing, kayaking, cycling and camping.. If all you want is some relaxation, under the sun rays the soft sandy shores will welcome you with open arms.

Local Tip; Don’t miss out on exploring the fort situated within the park—it offers a glimpse into our past.


Sunken Gardens; A Natural Masterpiece

Take a plunge into the heart of the city. Discover Sunken Gardens, a paradise that has thrived for over a century. With its enchanting waterfalls, lush plants and graceful butterflies fluttering around it’s a delight, for nature enthusiasts.

Local Tip; If you’re visiting with kids make sure to explore the gardens workshops and classes for some hands on learning.


Chihuly Collection; A Wonderland of Glass Art

Calling all art lovers! Immerse yourself in the Chihuly Collection—a display of Dale Chihulys exquisite glass sculptures. Illuminated in shades that mirror the spirit of St. Petersburg itself these intricate masterpieces will leave you mesmerized.

Local Tip; Once you’ve admired the artistry don’t miss out on witnessing glassblowing demonstrations at the shop.


St. Pete Beach; Where Bliss Meets Waves

Dive into paradise at St. Pete Beach—a stretch of sand embraced by waves—ranked among the nations finest coastal gems that attract tourists from both within and, beyond St. Petersburg. Whether you’re looking to catch some thrilling surf take a swim or simply bask in the sun this beach has it all.

Local Tip; Alongside this coastline you’ll find an array of eateries where you can grab a delicious bite and relish a charming seaside picnic!



Unveiling treasures waiting to be discovered St. Petersburg FL promises experiences that will leave you captivated and yearning for more.
Each attraction has its story to tell, whether it’s, through its art scene or its beautiful beaches. Whether you’re someone who loves art enjoys the beach or is fascinated by history St. Petersburg offers experiences that will stay with you forever. So get ready pack your bags apply some sunscreen and let the enchanting “Sunshine City” work its magic on you!


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