3 Ways Annual Roof Inspections Make Your Life Easier

Annual roof inspections

Don’t neglect your roof. If you do, you’ll face the consequences. It’s a fact. Let’s compare your roof to your body…

What’d happen if you neglect your body? Your health and hygiene? You’d suffer. Eventually, you’d die.

So even if you don’t care about your roof, you should book an annual roof inspection to ensure it’s in good enough condition. And here’s how inspecting your roof helps you and your whole family, not only your roof.

Calms Your Mind

Nothing comes close to the feeling of safety a home provides. But not every home is safe. And in many cases, roofs are to blame for that. It starts with the basics…

Clogged gutters full of leaves and shingle granules are more dangerous than some homeowners think. And in more ways, than people think.

Everyone connects gutters with overflows and water damage. But all those granules and dry leaves are a potential fire hazard. Yet, we hope you’re a responsible person who doesn’t neglect gutters.

Does that mean you can sleep peacefully because your roof is safe if your gutters are clean?

Not even close.

Without the annual roof inspection, you might waste a chance to address early signs of leaks, so your walls might start getting black stains. And if mold sinks teeth into your home, you’ll need to repair more than your roof. So it’s much better to call your roofer once a year to do a detailed roof inspection. We recommend at least one annual DIY roof inspection (and after every storm).

Saves Money On Energy Bills

The roof is like a lid on top of your house. Imagine you’re trying to boil water. If you put a pot on a stove, water will boil after, let’s say, 5 minutes. But if you use a lid, it will keep the heat inside, so you’ll be able to throw your tea bag in the boiled water after only 2 minutes.

And it works in a different direction too. Imagine your house is a fridge. You’re trying to keep it cool, but it doesn’t have doors, so most of the cold air escapes. It’s still cool in the fridge, but you need to pay higher energy bills. But if you close the doors on your fridge, it will keep the temperature better and save you money.

The roof does that. It protects your home from weather and balances the outside temperature with your attic temperature (indirectly, the whole house). If your roof vent and insulation aren’t in flawless condition, your heating/cooling bills will be higher.

But there’s more…

Over time your attic will become humid, which is perfect for mold. And if your decking starts rotting, you’ll probably have to replace your roof (or get ready for a massive roof repair).

And all of that is preventable by a free roof inspection your contractor probably offers.

You’ll Have a Better Relationship With The Insurance Company

We’ve seen numerous times how angry and disappointed people get when they realize the insurance company won’t cover their roofing expenses. Almost every insurance policy says that they don’t cover Wear and Tear.

In other words, if you want to be sure your policy will cover everything that happens to your roof, you need to take care of it. And one of the vital parts of roof maintenance is the annual professional inspection. It directly increases the lifespan of your roof because you can address problems before they become disasters.

Still remember that not every roofer knows how to spot disasters from a distance. And we’re here for you if you want a roofing contractor in St. Petersburg with a keen eye for problems.