6 Reasons Why Roof Repair Should Be Your Top Priority

Top Priority: The roof of a house in dire need of repair, with shingles on it.

Procrastination is toxic. People usually procrastinate with work, studying, and similar stuff. That’s dangerous, but some go through their whole lives like that. And even those people, the pro-procrastinators, can’t go forever without repairing their roofs.


Because neglected roofs cry tears of agony.

Water Might Ignite Fire

What usually happens when water gets in touch with electrical installations? It causes shorts and faults, which can spark residential fires. Luckily, minor leaks aren’t likely to reach any wires. Yet one of our roofing tips for homeowners is to regularly inspect your roof and attic to stay up to date with issues.

Hidden Dangers Of Damaged Roof

Repairing every roof issue should always be your top priority because water can penetrate your home through the tiniest cracks. Once water finds its way inside your house, it won’t turn into the Mississippi river in 2 days.

Water first looks for a way around the flashings and underlayment. Then, it slowly rots your decking. Moss might appear too. At the same time, your attic might slowly turn into a mold kindergarten.

Leaks – The Tears of Agony

But nothing shows the danger of damaged roofs better than the last stage – leaks.

Even then, it’s not too late to repair your roof (unless more than 30% is ruined). However, it’s much better to fight a lion while it’s a cub than when it grows up.

Minor leaks are easier to solve, so don’t wait for the water to start dripping down your walls. Call your contractors immediately after you notice stains on the walls or peeling paint.

Bad Roof Raises Your Bills

Neglected problems grow and cause more damage over time. More damage equals higher bills. A couple of shingles might not seem like a big deal… But if you keep getting higher bills, it’s probably because of your roof.

Instead of adjusting the heat, repair your roof and insulation, and check your roof vent. That does wonders for home budgets (if a damaged roof was the cause of the problem, which is easy to tell during professional roof inspections).

Seemingly Minor Problems Cause Massive Damage

We already mentioned how a damaged roof can lead to fire and ruin your attic. But it can cause trouble in the whole house, even around it. Damaged or clogged gutters combined with poorly installed drip edges can’t drain water, so it overflows.

Overflows can cause:

  • wall damage
  • foundation and/or basement damage
  • damaged sidewalks

Those are serious problems, and it’s not unusual to experience all of them during massive storms. If neglecting something as basic as gutters can lead to such disasters, imagine how dangerous leaving your underlayment exposed to heat and rain is.

Shingles Are Heavy

Shingles may seem light while they’re on the roof, but if they hit someone in the head during the storm, they quickly learn how heavy shingles are. We don’t want to scare you into checking every nail on your roof because you aren’t likely to get hit by a shingle. But if you have a single missing shingle, either replace it yourself or call someone.

Blow-offs are more likely to happen on roofs with missing shingles. Also, dealing with the insurance company will make you want to get hit with a whole bundle of shingles. So call a local roofer to repair your roof before anything serious happens. And you can contact us if you’re looking for roofers Sarasota FL, who can give you peace of mind by making your roof perfect.