Preparations for Roof Replacement

A red tiled roof with a hole in it that requires preparations for roof replacement.

Reasons you might need to replace your roof

Sometimes, it is just not possible to simply repair your roof and patch up areas of weakness. Some reasons you might need to consider total roof replacement include: 

  • Needing to repair extensive storm damage 
  • The desire to increase your home’s value 
  • The need to repair a roof that has become too worn or old to protect your home 
  • The desire to complete a total home remodel 

Whatever the reason, you need to be prepared when it comes time to call in the professionals at Chappelle Roofing who will install your beautiful new roof. Take these steps to prepare yourself—-and your home—-when it comes time to replace your roof: 

  1. Prepare yourself for a mess–initially. Roofing is messy business; your contractor will likely show up with a team of professionals who will begin the demolition work of pulling off shingles, tiles, metal, nails, and underlayment from your existing roof. This debris will be caught by tarps that your contractor will lay down on your driveway and yard. During this time of demolition and initial clean up; take precautions to protect yourself and your home from falling debris.  
  2. Clear all vehicles from your driveway and garage. Park your cars a safe distance away from your house on the street, if possible. Parking them in the garage is not a good idea, as your car will then be blocked in the garage by the roofing company’s equipment, the roofing material delivery truck and possibly the dumpster. The safest place for all of your vehicles to be is on the street, away from the roofing contractor’s vehicles, and falling debris. 
  3. Clear out toys and patio furniture from walkways. Your roofers will need access to the areas all around your home; help them out by moving patio furniture and children’s toys so that they can have easy access to the workspace. There should be at least a 15-foot clearance all the way around your house for optimal productivity. Put what you can into a storage shed and cover the rest with a tarp to protect it.  
  4. Clear out the garden. Falling debris can quickly become problematic for your garden–not only the plants you are attempting to grow but any creatures who wander through looking for food. Cover your garden; this will ensure easy clean up when your crew has completed their job.  
  5. Inside preparation. Pictures and shelves may become loose or fall off the wall during the roofing process. Please remove pictures and shelves if possible in order to protect your items. They can be reinstalled after the roof has been completed.  
  6. Pets. Pets find the noise created by roofing very stressful. Their hearing is magnified significantly so to them, it sounds like their world is crashing. If you can make arrangements to have them visit friends or family for the days we are roofing, your furry friends will thank you. If not, the next best solution is to be present during the noise. Your presence can help calm your pet somewhat. Also, using “white noise” or a sound machine may help to reduce the noise level for them.  
  7. Prepare your neighbors. No matter how solid your interactions are with your immediate neighbors, excessive noise that is not expected can strain the daily routines of your neighbors and their pets. Talk to all of your neighbors ahead of time and let them know what your plans are—apologize for any convenience this may cause and assure them that everything will be back to normal upon completion of the project. Ask your roofing contractor to be considerate when cleaning up, taking some extra time to ensure that no debris extends past your property line. Do what you can to minimize issues and help contractors work efficiently so that work gets done in a timely manner. The more you communicate your intentions, the less likely that there will be misunderstandings that lead to hard feelings. 
  8. Cleanup occurs daily. Our staff will comb your yard and remove debris. It is possible to miss items and we apologize. We do our best. Roofing uses a lot of nails. When we are done each day, we will use magnets to remove the nails that may find their way into your yard.  
  9. Look forward to your new roof! Having a roof replacement should be an exciting time–you know that your house is well protected once more, you have increased the value of your home, and you will add years to other areas of your house that require a strong roof for protection.  

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