Most Common Problems in Commercial Roofing

A metal roof with a fan on it, commonly seen in commercial roofing.

Commercial roofing is designed for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and other large buildings where a long roof needs to be installed. It is typically flat or with a low slope and consists of several different types, like metal roofing, standing seam, built-up roofing (also known as BUR), modified roofing, TPO roofing, EPDM, and others.

Even though commercial roofs are known for their longevity and durability, they are also subject to certain issues that affect their features and abilities. Therefore, if you want to know what kind of roofing issues commercial roofing has, this article is for you.

Leakage Issues

Leakage is not only the most common problem for residential roofing but also for commercial roofing. Leakage can occur anywhere, especially in parts of a roof near the drainage system, like near gutters and downspouts, if they are clogged.

To prevent leakage, a regular roofing inspection is a must, at least two or three times during the year.

Water Pooling

Water pooling is another issue that can occur if drainage systems are clogged. Also, water pooling can happen if there is an insufficient slope or if there is an installation issue.

Whatever it is, a proper roof inspection will identify the problem, and a professional and reliable roofer will successfully fix it.

Poor Installation

As we mentioned in the above section, only professional and experienced roofer comes into play not only for dealing with water pooling issues, yet with proper roof installation.

Roof installation isn’t for everyone. It would be best if you were experienced, knowledgeable, and confident in what you do.

Poor roof installation mostly happens when you hire companies that are just starting and whose employees need more experience. That’s why when the time comes for roof installation, choose wisely, and don’t let your roof be a training ground for roofing amateurs.


Due to temperature changes, certain commercial roofing materials can expand or contract, resulting in shrinkage that causes leaks. In order to detect this issue in time and thus prevent more severe damage, you need to conduct regular roofing inspections of your commercial roof.

Damaged Flashing

Damaged flashing is one more issue that usually affects commercial roofs. Flashing is part of a roof installation on skylights and curbs, which task is to redirect water from roofing seams. If damaged, leaks are probable, so keeping them in good condition is essential.

Absence of Maintenance and Inspection

Owning a commercial building and not maintaining it definitely leads to huge costs down the road. One of the maintenance tasks is keeping your commercial roof in good condition, and to do that, you must perform regular roof inspections.

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