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Meet the City of North Port , FL

Let’s imagine you are at your job right now or just lying in your bed, trying to fall asleep. Maybe you are just worried about life or relaxed hanging out with your friends. However we can’t be sure what you are doing at this exact moment or where you live, but we decided to be creative today and visualize you.


So, are you ready to hear what’s in our mind? We imagined that you are just doing your usual daily activities when suddenly a great and cool idea crosses your mind. See how quickly we jumped from our heads to yours? Ok, we know that teleportation and other “SF miracles” (not sure how to call it exactly) are not the theme of this article.


Remember us where we’ve stopped? Oh yes, that’s right…so a great idea crosses your mind. You are enough of everything and just want to travel somewhere, forget about everything. When we say everything we mean stress, job, bills, your demanding boss.


You are not sure where to travel to, but the first associations that come to your mind are palm trees, sun, ocean, the sound of the waves, beaches, long days and short warm nights. Does this remind you of Florida? Of course it does. And guess what? We finally got to the point. A great idea that crossed your mind is to visit Nort Porth – the largest city in Sarasota County.


You know nothing about it? Don’t worry at all, because this is the perfect guide for you. After reading this, you will know everything about it (North Port) – not only as a tourist, but as a local resident (just work on your accent if you are from Germany, Italy or maybe Croatia). “Where on earth is Croatia,” you probably wonder. Well, it’s a small country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe…Oh, just forget about it! This is the article about North Port. Ladies and gentlemen, there you go “Meet the City of North Port, FL!”



The City of North Port is the largest city in Sarasota County. This is, of course, the first fact on our list, because everyone is proud of their size, especially if it’s a big one. Hey, we are still talking about the SIZE of the city! No other inappropriate thought crossed our mind.

It’s time to switch to our second fact, cause it seems like this article is about to become HOT…just like Florida!



Speaking about the weather, all you need to know is that August is the hottest month in North Port which ranks the city as one of the warmest places in Florida. Yes, “warm” you read it right, cause the word “hot” will never be used in this article again! All kinds of ideas come to your mind today. Better not to provoke.

On the other hand November, March and April are the most pleasant months.



There are more than 77 000 residents in North Port with the median age of 37,4. It seems like only young people live here.

On the demographic side this can only mean one thing – a bright and prosperous future.


Did You Know?

One “Did You Know” fact. So, did you know that the youth of North Port thinks of their senior fellow citizens, especially the ones that are in need. They help them through The H.E.A.R.T.S. Program in case they have some medical condition, are disabled or just want to talk to someone.


Resident Review

We will end this article with one online review. What is better to hear than a personal experience?

“I have lived in many different places and all I can say is that North Port offers the best overall – climate, low taxes, affordable housing, easy access to a wide variety of shopping, good schools, good medical care, low crime and beautiful beaches.”


So, when are you buying the plane ticket?


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