Is It Time for a Roof Repair: Be on the Lookout for These Issues

A man using a drill to fix issues with a shingled roof.

It is typical for your roof to have issues, especially when you experience bad weather or your roof has reached a certain age. If you want to maintain a long lifespan of your roof, it’s best to schedule regular inspections and maintenance. Roof damages don’t usually happen on a big scale within a split second. One of the most common causes of extensive roof damage is when homeowners neglect minor roof issues. Some roof problems may look unimportant at the beginning, but when left unrepaired, they will surely grow and cost you a lot of money to get a roof replacement altogether.

This article will show you what kind of issues you need to notice and get repaired before they evolve into significant damages.

Spot Some Water Damages

Water damage usually begins as a minor problem, and most people tend to neglect it. Water damage typically forms when there is broken flashing, broken shingles, cracked chimneys, loss of granules, and many more. All these causes will then create water damage, and in no time, you will have a bucket in your living room for the water drips. It’s best to prevent the bigger water damage problem as early as possible. First, you might want to inspect to locate the leaks. Finding the source of the leaks can be challenging, as you have to go into small spaces or even crawl to a particular space with your flashlight. Even with that effort, sometimes you haven’t entirely located the leak source. It’s best to call a professional to help and try to communicate with them about the whereabouts of leaks you have noticed in your home. Then they will suggest the best solution and help you with the repair process.

Indication of Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is when your roof appears to be wavy, which is not really comforting to see. This usually is caused by your home’s structure deteriorating because of the age of your home or when your roof hasn’t been replaced for a long time. The breakdown of the structure of your home can also be caused by extensive water damage, poor choice of roofing materials, the weight of snow, and many other factors. The good news is that if you face this issue, it is fixable as long as you act quickly. Reach out to a roofing company and have your home a thorough inspection. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to be. This problem can cause a major safety threat; it’s best to act fast before it costs you expensive repair or even roof replacement.

Visible Damage: Missing Shingles & Sidings

Think of your roof as like your body. If one organ is broken or shut down, it will affect the others and create issues that will develop over time. The same goes for your roof. If your shingles are damaged, then there will arise issues in your home, which will eventually get worse in no time. If you can see missing shingles, that is not a good sign. It means that air and water can penetrate your roof, which most likely creates water damage and mold growth.

On top of that, when you can spot damaged sidings, you will most likely have a similar problem with damaged shingles. When your sidings are damaged, a part of your roof will be exposed to external elements, allowing water drips and wall stains to form. These problems then will cause direct negative effects on your family’s safety and well-being. So again, noticing this problem and taking immediate action by calling a professional to repair it is the best way to solve it.

Chimney Flashing Damage

If you own a home with a chimney, you might pay extra attention to it. There are several types of roof flashing, and chimney flashing is just a variety of them. Chimney flashing functions as waterproof protection to keep your chimney from water penetrating your home. The biggest problem that it can create is leakage. When you notice water starts to drip inside or outside your chimney, it is most likely that your chimney flashing is damaged. The extended effect of this issue is that once your chimney sidings are damaged, it allows moisture to travel, creating more damage that is hard to locate until it appears on your attics. Damage in your chimney flashing is usually caused by natural forces, like lightning strikes, extreme heat, heavy winds, hail storms, and many more. Other than the weather, damaged chimney flashing can also be caused by poor materials or inadequate installation. If you feel like something is wrong with your chimney, it’s better to call a professional to do a thorough roof inspection, so they can determine the source of the leak and the best course of action to deal with this issue.

Granules Filling Your Gutter

It is not unusual to find your roof shingle granules in the gutter, most likely because of the weather — wind, snow, or extreme heat. Nevertheless, you have to make sure to keep your gutter to be clean of debris. When your gutter is filled with granules, it may create an issue where the water cannot flow properly, which will make a bigger issue in the long term. You want to make sure that your gutter is always clean. The conventional way is to climb up the ladder and clean your gutters, but you can install gutter guards or leaf screens. These tools will do the job without you climbing on the ladder.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection Today!

When it comes to roof damage, you might get the sense that your roof is not properly working anymore. If you notice these issues above, they will most likely develop into extensive damage when left unnoticed. Start looking for local roofing contractors that might help you with your issues.

Don’t neglect any issue. It is better to take preventive action than spend so much on the repair you will have. Get in touch with your local roofing company in St. Petersburg, FL. Chappelle Roofing guarantees to help you do a thorough roof inspection and repair any issues or potential problems that might create a major repair.