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A haven for art lovers, Sarasota, FL, is peppered with galleries illuminating the city’s rich and evolving artistic heritage. Whether you’re drawn to classic masterpieces, avant-garde installations, or local artisan works, Sarasota’s galleries offer a visual feast.

Celebrated Institutions

These established hubs have long nurtured the city’s vibrant art culture.

The Ringling

A crown jewel of Sarasota, The Ringling is not just a gallery but a sprawling ode to art. Housing European paintings, contemporary works, and antique sculptures offers a comprehensive journey through various artistic eras and styles.

Art Center Sarasota

Promoting community engagement with art, this center hosts exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs. With its rotating exhibits, you can always expect to see something fresh and inspiring.

Contemporary Wonders

For those seeking modern, thought-provoking artworks.

Alfstad& Contemporary

Positioning itself at the nexus of art and technology, Alfstad& showcases contemporary artists experimenting with form and medium. It’s an art space where tradition meets innovation.

Sarasota Art Museum

A contemporary art museum in the city’s heart, it reimagines historical spaces with groundbreaking exhibits, reflecting Sarasota’s ever-evolving artistic narrative.

Boutique and Specialized Galleries

Unique spaces that cater to niche art interests.

Dabbert Gallery

Located on historic Palm Avenue, this gallery boasts an exquisite collection of paintings, sculptures, and prints. It focuses on national and international artists, fostering a global artistic dialogue.

Selby Gardens’ Museum of Botany & the Arts

Blending nature with art, this museum set within the lush Selby Gardens showcases exhibits that echo the beauty and intricacy of the botanical world.

Emerging Artists and Experimental Spaces

We are spotlighting the avant-garde and the upcoming talents.

530 Burns Gallery

A hub for emerging artists, 530 Burns Gallery is in the Burns Court district is vibrant and eclectic. From paintings to handcrafted jewelry, it celebrates diverse artistic expressions.


A dynamic art collective, SARTQ is less of a traditional gallery and more of a movement. Hosting pop-up exhibitions and community events, it champions local artists and innovative works.

Conclusion: A Canvas of Diverse Artistic Expressions

Sarasota’s galleries are more than mere spaces: narratives, dialogues, and legacies. Each visit promises visual delight and a deeper understanding of the city’s soul, etched and painted across canvases and installations. As you walk the art-laden streets of Sarasota, remember that every artwork has a story waiting to be discovered and cherished. Also you can find out even more about all the historical arts in the libraries of Sarasotra.


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