5 Steps to Take Care of Your Florida Roof in the Winter

Dreaming of a white Christmas isn’t on your to-do list as a Florida resident, but make no mistake — you still need to prepare your roof for the winter.

Winterizing your Florida roof ensures it can withstand heavy rain, high winds, and occasional tropical storms. Hiring a reputable roofing company allows homeowners to catch budding problems before they become big headaches.

This checklist covers all roof care essentials, so you can enjoy a secure roof over your head all winter long.

1. Schedule an Annual Roof Inspection

Annual roof inspections can identify problems that homeowners miss, often because they are not visible from the ground.

Leaks and damaged flashing can turn an already unpleasant storm into a nightmare. All types of roofing are associated with unique problems. Asphalt shingles can curl or crack, while the granules may deteriorate over time. Tile roofing can crack or loosen, while metal roofing is at risk of corrosion. Your roof inspection should address all these issues.

While annual roof inspections represent a key part of routine roof maintenance, Florida residents may opt to schedule them just ahead of the hurricane season rather than in the fall. However, if you aren’t sure when you last had your home roof inspected, get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Your roofing contractor should pay special attention to roof valleys, where water can accumulate and cause leaks during the winter. Roof edges are another vulnerable point to pay close attention to.

2. Inspect Your Attic

Your roof’s insulation helps to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. It plays a critical role in running an energy-efficient home. Your roofing contractor can inspect the insulation in your attic to assess its thickness, coverage, and overall condition. Where necessary, your roofing team can seal gaps and leaks to ensure you’ll stay warm all winter long.

Ventilation is another critical aspect of roof maintenance. Your roofer should check whether all vents are functioning optimally and recommend improvements as needed.

3. Arrange for Necessary Roof Repair Work to Be Carried Out

Your roof inspection may reveal damaged roofing material, loose shingles, cracked sealants around penetrations, or damaged flashing. Carrying out roof repairs before the problems worsen prolongs your roof’s lifespan and keeps you comfortable through the winter.

The good news? Florida winters are an excellent time to conduct roof repair work. If you’re hoping to have your roof replaced soon, then the mild Florida winters could be the best time for such an extensive project.

4. Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Your gutters and drains clear water from your roof, but debris accumulated during the hurricane season could prevent them from doing their jobs. Cleaning your gutters and drains or engaging professional drain-cleaning services is the simplest way to prevent water build-up and damage to your roof.

5. Have Nearby Trees Trimmed

Do you have trees within 20 feet of your foundation? Florida winters can get stormy, so having overhanging branches trimmed should be a top priority. Hiring a reputable tree service ensures that your trees won’t damage your roof — or endanger residents with flying debris.

Hire a Local Florida Roofing Contractor to Winterize Your Roof

If you can’t remember the last time you had your roof checked out, then there’s no time like the present to get it done. Leave it up to the pros at our roofing company in Florida, who have completed over 5,000 residential roofing projects and are just a phone call away.

We’re ready to undertake any home roof repair work or schedule a comprehensive inspection along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Contact Chappelle Roofing and secure your roof for the winter today!