Comparing Palmetto Commercial Roofing Quotes: Things to Consider

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Choosing the right roofing company for your property is no easy task, especially if you are in need of quality commercial roofing services. In Palmetto, Florida, there are plenty of roofers to choose from, but not all of them offer the highest quality of services. More importantly, some are not even specialized in servicing industrial or commercial buildings; they are strictly residential roofers. 

So how to make the right choice then? There is more to it than simply comparing prices. We’re looking into the most important things to consider when comparing Palmetto, FL, commercial roofing quotes. Read on!

Before Anything, Ask For Several Quotes

Of course, the first step when comparing commercial roofing quotes is to ask for multiple quotes. Get in touch with several certified roofing companies in the Palmetto, FL area and compare their quotes. Ask for at least two or three, but your best bet is to compare more just to see what the current trends are price-wise.

You could end up with a couple of quotes that initially look exactly the same, as they will offer you the same price. This is where it gets tricky. You’ll want additional information, explanations as to why they charge a certain amount, and what exactly they are charging for. 

Continue reading to find out all the details about how to properly compare commercial roofing prices and select the best quality roofing services available. 

Check the Company History and References

How long has the company been active in Palmetto, Florida? Are they well-known? What is their reputation like? For example, some contractors might be a household name with decades of experience, but they could also be known for overcharging their services. On the other hand, there could be new names in the area that are not well-known yet, but they are still building their reputation, so they offer reasonable prices or charge less than the competition. 

This is where references can help you. As a commercial building owner, you can ask your peers for references. Perhaps some of them have a roofing company that they work exclusively with, or maybe they had a bad experience and could tell you which company to avoid. Either way, research the background of each company that you have asked for quotes.

What Materials Will Be Used

There should be no cost-cutting when it comes to the quality of materials used on your commercial roofing project. Even if you are aiming for a bargain, be careful when a contractor offers you a bargain quote. It could be hiding cheaper materials that might not even be suited for your roof. 

So, when comparing quotes, make sure to pay close attention to the materials listed in each one, and compare roofing systems, as well. Point out that you want all the materials that will be used listed in the quote. 

Check the Insurance Coverage and Warranties

This is one step that you should never skip. Look into the insurance coverage of the roofing company in question, as this is what protects both you and the roofer from any outstanding issues and injuries during the project. All contractors have insurance that covers several liabilities, and you should compare how they differ in those liabilities. Business interruptions, personal injuries, property damage, water, and fire damage – are these issues covered? Make sure to check!

Warranties are also essential. When asking for a quote, ask for a detailed description of the warranty associated with your commercial roofing system. Check whether the warranty is provided by the manufacturer or by the contractor. 

How long does the warranty last? 10, 15, 30 years? Shorter periods likely imply a cheaper quote but consider long-term implications. Once the warranty period is done, you’ll be paying full price for maintenance, repair, or roof replacement. You will probably pay more for a longer warranty, but it could also cut any additional costs down the road.

Customer Service – Ask Other Clients 

The final step in your selection process should be an evaluation of customer services. Sure, you asked for references and checked out some online reviews, but if you want to get the complete info and impression, your best option is to contact several clients of the commercial roofing companies whose quotes you are comparing. 

Make a couple of calls to their current and former customers to find out firsthand what working with a particular company will really be like. They will likely give you the scoop and let you know how accessible the contractor was, whether they added any additional chargers to their final list of expenses, if their crew acted professionally, and whether they kept in touch once the project was done. 

True professionals always keep their customer service at the highest level and maintain long-term relationships with their clients. That is the kind of service you want, too.

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