The Best Bars in Sarasota, FL

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Bask, in the warmth of the sun drenched beaches during the day and revel in the bars when night falls – Sarasota FL has a blend of experiences to offer. The citys bar scene captures the essence of its charm and cosmopolitan allure. Are you ready to embark on an exploration? Lets raise our glasses to Sarasotas bars!

Best Bars by the Beach

There’s nothing like savoring a cocktail with your toes buried in sand.

O’Leary’s Tiki Bar & Grill

Imagine witnessing a sunset over Sarasota Bay while enjoying a drink and being serenaded by live music. O’Learys provides this experience making it a beloved destination for both locals and tourists in Sarasota.

The Beach Club

Nestled on Siesta Key, The Beach Club is an establishment. With its dance floor and an extensive selection of drinks it serves as the place to unwind after a day spent at the beach.

Downtown Gems

The heart of Sarasota pulsates with bars each offering its atmosphere.

Pangea Alchemy Lab

A haven for mixology enthusiasts Pangea crafts concoctions that are not only visually appealing but also tantalize your taste buds. Its lit and intimate ambiance makes it an ideal choice for a night, out.

Mattisons City Grille

If you’re looking to enjoy music alongside your drink Mattisons is where you want to be.
The outdoor seating area is spacious and inviting offering a variety of cocktails to ensure a time.

Speakeasies and Unique Themes

If you’re looking for a touch of nostalgia or a unique atmosphere there are speakeasies and venues, with themes to explore.

The Gator Club

The Gator Club is housed in a building blending the charm of the past with modernity. Their whiskey selection is impressive. Their jazz nights are truly delightful.

Mandeville Beer Garden

Mandeville Beer Garden is like an oasis for beer enthusiasts providing a menu of beers in a garden setting. Whether you prefer craft beers or classics they have something to satisfy every palate.

For the Wine Lovers

Sarasotas wine offerings are just as impressive as their cocktail scene for those who appreciate vintages.

Michael’s Wine Cellar

Sophistication, boasting a collection of wines from around the world. Whether you’re a connoisseur or new to wine tasting the experience here will be delightful.


Lila offers an experience by combining wines with vegan and sustainable options. The serene ambiance perfectly complements their curated wine list.

Brewery Experiences

For those who enjoy brewed drinks with frothy goodness there are brewery experiences to indulge in.

JDub’s Brewing Company

JDubs Brewing Company offers brews with flavors in a friendly atmosphere. Their outdoor beer garden is particularly popular, on nights when live music fills the air.

Big Top Brewing Company

Honoring Sarasotas circus heritage Big Top offers a selection of beers that are as exhilarating as watching a trapeze act. From stouts, to ales their brews promise an exciting array of flavors.

Conclusion: A Toast to Sarasota

Conclusion; Lets raise a glass to Sarasota!
Sarasotas bar scene is wonderfully diverse and vibrant like its sunsets. Whether you’re in the mood for a cocktail an elegant wine experience or a locally crafted pint of beer Sarasota has the perfect spot waiting for you. So here’s to evenings filled with laughter and clinking glasses in this gem, along Floridas west coast!


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